Benefits of ERP in fleet management

The process of Fleet management can be quite challenging at times due to the dynamic external factors of the industry. These external factors increase the risks involved in the business. When the number of vehicles is high, it gets overwhelming to streamline the activities. An effective fleet management ERP is essential to manage the vehicles and other activities the right way from acquisition to disposal.

Let us understand how the following unique features of a fleet management ERP can be beneficial for the business:

  1. Fleet PlanningAn ERP system helps fleet managers to effectively plan the fleet requirement according to fleet size and mix. It helps in forecasting fleet demand, determining the suitable criteria for the demands to arrange for the right fleet at the right time to the right destination/job. ERP system also helps in creating and evaluating alternative plans in case something does not work out as planned. 
  2. Driver ManagementDrivers are an important asset of any fleet service provider. With an ERP system in place, fleet managers can keep a track of all the driver’s activities. The driving patterns, vehicle utilization, accident rates, etc can also be checked to measure overall performance. An ERP system designed for fleet management provides the option of creating separate driver profiles so that all the driver information can be maintained in one place. 
  3. Fuel ManagementFuel management can be streamlined with an ERP system in place. This does not only mean keeping a track of your fuel availability but also control of your fuel cost. One can record fleet-wise fuel consumption and transactions in the system to keep figure out the optimum way to reduce fuel wastage. Unwanted transactions can be eliminated to save fuel costs. 
  4. Consignment/ Project managementWith an ERP system, fleet managers can capture relevant details about all their projects and consignments to keep track of their progress. With every detail fed into the system, one can easily generate challans, consignment notes, tax receipts, etc within seconds to evaluate a certain consignment and related instructions. 
  5. Legal aspectThe legal aspect of the industry should not be overlooked. Managing a pool of commercial vehicles come under the ambit of various legal and regulatory provisions like insurance, renewals, statutory registrations, and more. A fleet management ERP system comes with inbuilt features to effectively manage all applicable regulations. With timely reminders of your renewals and registrations, you do not have to worry about breaking any law. 
  6. Cost managementOne of the most important benefits of fleet management ERP is cost management. Managers can record and monitor costs in the system to identify cost-cutting opportunities. For example, if repair and maintenance of a particular vehicle are costing more then the job can be outsourced to a third-party service provider. 
  7. Increased revenue

With every process effectively streamlined and automated with the help of an ERP system, the productivity of your staff increases. This coupled with reduced expenditures results in increased revenue. With improved overall performance, the goodwill of your enterprise increases in the market.

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