Why Octozy

Why Octozy?

Team Octozy is a passionate group of individuals offering cloud-based software services and providing customised solutions for organisations in various verticals, successfully serving its customers since 2013. Be it the front runners of Membership based organisations, Associations, Tech leaders or the Not-for-profits selflessly working for the society at large, the faith-based, or human-centric groups working for a particular community or a professional institute operating in the educational sector, we provide configurable software solutions to revolutionise your business operation.

Octozy offers a consolidated business service solution including business operational workflows, bespoke process automation & mobile apps, project costing, membership management, Enterprise planning tools, Customer Relationship Management, products and services sales, and intelligent reporting and segmentation of data. Our vision is to set our clients for success to have options to leverage configurable business processes to allow the solutions to adapt to the growing and changing business needs.

We are a team of expert consultants and software development professionals working dedicatedly to create innovative features to help you manage your organisation’s operations with minimal external intervention and friction. Our diverse experience across multiple business domains & industries helps us understand the ever-morphing requirements of different types of growing businesses and embed them in our solutions to set our clients for success. We strive to empower every organization, big and small, with our technology and resources to lead them towards a path of planned growth and success, being part of their journey rather than just merely supporting them.

Our clientele consists of business organisations, educational institutions, major sporting clubs, religious groups, real estate houses, field service providers, recreational entities, and many more operating across the globe. We proudly boast a client retention rate of 100% for our current services. Software and technology are not just about managing organisations; they play a huge role in empowering the human resources within.

Smart Consulting

Our Product Consulting experts can meet your management challenges, providing customised solutions that will improve your processes, streamline and open information flow bottle-necks. Our solution implementation experts have a clear understanding of the challenges hindering your progress and we work with you to tackle them together. Employ smart business systems to help your business. Employ Octozy.