• Operations & Analytics Business
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT Inventory &
    Supply Chain
  • Members & Events Associations,
    NFPs & Charities
  • DIGITAL STRATEGY Omnichannel

The Octozy Advantage

Scalable and rapid implementation

Optimise, Customise, and Execute what’s best for your organisation with this smart cloud and On premises offering.
Scalable to your needs. Supports multiple enterprise database platforms including MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and OpenEdge.

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud or On Premises

Let your business needs run your application and not vice versa. Deploy apps with a few clicks on Public, Private or Hybrid clouds or deliver them on-premise.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid application development platform to build intelligent applications, agile solutions to maximise revenue and optimise time. Customise your workflows to support diverse interpretations. Deliver at the speed of business.

Business Transformation

A product platform which aligns People, Process and Technology initiatives closely with it’s business strategy and helps support process innovation and effective transformational approach – addressing a critical challenge for most organizations.


Pocket your business. With outstanding UI and broad array of styling and configuration, get the real power to run your business from any device, anywhere, anytime!

Platform Scalability

Scale the technology based on business demand. Pay per user on a platform that can scale up with your business, be it 1 user or 1 million users.

Octozy Data Connect

Drive your business intelligence strategy to the next level. Data connectivity solutions for enterprises needing to interface or interrogate native or external data.

Digital Transformation

For your ever evolving business, you get an ever evolving platform. Benefit from our research and maximise on our domain expertise to drive your business transformation.


Tangible and measurable benefits for your money. ‘What you see is what you get’ approach with no hidden costs. Steer away from a ‘cha-ching’ model where you don’t have to pay for any additional native business modules.

Take a tour. Compare. Conclude.