Professional Institutions


Customization Features

Choose customized modules as like Bus management, hostel management, scholarship programs, library modules and much more

Multiple Payment Gateways

Separate fee payment mode and structure for different academic/professional institutions.

Single Notification System

Set up easy SMS and email notification system for each institute through a single window.

Student Information System

Maintain separate students’ profiles with contact info, attendance records, performance, scorecard, and more.

HR Management

Staff management made easy with separate HR dashboard and functionalities.

Integrated Financial Dashboard

Integrated financial dashboard keeps you regularly updated about your financials.


Generate timely reports to access the progress and performance of each institutions.

Community Building

Create your own website, and promote its presence through various social media platforms.

Turn chaos into clarity with Octozy.

CRM, AMS, CMS, eCommerce, ERP and Mobile offerings

  • Deliver support across the platform for users and customers alike.
  • Manage contacts, preferences, orders, accounts, payments, and support cases
  • Track business KPIs and Productivity.
  • Create custom dashboards and reports

Octozy is best suited for professional institutions. An all-in-one solution to automate administrative functions, from member sign-ups to tracking their learning pathways and engagement with the institution.

Define pathways, outline requirements and objectives, track member goals & achievements. Automate application evaluation via questionnaires, drive panel & committee review workflows, streamline member journey and reduce administrative overheads.

Self-service member CPD logs. Manage internal events and external event approvals. Establish mutual recognitions and transfers to streamline the member transitions.

Reduce silos, facilitate seamless information flow across multiple departments. Drive efficient operations with a financial accounts receivable module to drive end-to-end business engagement.