Integrated CRM

With automated CRM features, say bye to complicated spreadsheets for customer management.

Automated Business Processes

With every task reported through a single platform, track and manage everything with the click of your hands.

Scheduling And Time Tracking

With intuitive and visual tools, set smart schedules for upcoming projects, and deadlines.

HR Management

Employee management made easy with separate HR tools and functionalities.

Third Party Integrations

Powerful integrations with third-party business systems and applications social media platforms, communications software, etc.

Reports & Analytics

Generate timely reports to access the progress of your tasks, set benchmarks and take corrective actions on time.

Financial Dashboard

Integrated financial dashboard to review your financials, easy billing and invoice management.

Other Customized Features

Get customized features for purchase order management, Inventory Management, Supply chain Management, Warehouse Management, and Order Management in a single platform.

Turn chaos into clarity with Octozy.

CRM, AMS, CMS, eCommerce, ERP and Mobile offerings

  • Deliver support across the platform for users and customers alike.
  • Manage contacts, preferences, orders, accounts, payments, and support cases
  • Track business KPIs and Productivity.
  • Create custom dashboards and reports

Having robust business processes in place is the key to success for any organisation. Switch to Octozy’s enterprise management software and streamline your business functions through a single master platform.

With robust inbuilt CRM, gain real-time status and insights, stay updated about your customers’ purchase behavior, feedbacks, and retention rate. Take appropriate actions to win back exiting customers and increase customer loyalty. Be at your customers’ assistance and support.

Reduce administrative costs, save valuable time and effort across multiple departments & subsidiaries. Minimise information silos and take your business to new heights.

Scale-up IT to your business needs with Octozy’s enterprise interface to allow for seamless data interactions across multiple systems as and when required.

Safeguard your business data with enterprise-level security features in place with plug and play interfaces already available as part of the solution platform.

Rely on our consulting SMEs to drive successful implementation for your unique business needs with industry best practices in your specific business vertical or domain.