Products & Inventory

Octozy – Enterprise Business Application

Your One Stop Solution



Manage assets, service products, real time inventory and customer centric transactions across multiple channels

Financial Integration

Capability to track your financial journals for each asset using Octozy smart accounting integration module.

Asset Performance

Get a clear snapshot of your product or service performance over a period of time to make informed choices.

Products & Services

Capability to setup multiple assets with flexible categorization of your service and asset catalogue


Track multiple inventories in real time. Facilitate your staff to be in check with available products and services all the time.

Barcode Search

Leverage integrated barcode reader search integration while generating orders to capitalize on data entry


Flexible pricing set up allows you to plan and setup products and services ahead of time. Flexible combined product discounts.

Configurable Products & Subscriptions

Octozy gives you an easy product builder coupled with a customer-centric interface where you can get instant insights about your customers such as their order history, interests, credit history, and other information to help you tailor customised sales.

Drive sales engagements based on products, warehousing, locations and inventory, and customer response trends.

Manage your customer subscriptions with ease. Octozy subscription module caters to both simple and complex scenarios such as multiple subscriptions.

Use configurable business rules to drive subscription terms, renewal automation, cancellations, modifications, and flexible subscription periods.

Advanced Features

Multiple products, assets, and service types. 

Manage product catalogues, cost price, specifications, manufacturer and supplier information, warehousing & inventory, backorders, available stock, and much more.

Some of the features include multiple product type support & barcodes, categorisation of products, warehousing, location & distribution tracking, and product collaterals for web portals, flexible date and role-based pricing points.

Not just that but, a tightly integrated Octozy subscription management, financial configuration, and accounting system integration come together to make it a very rounded offering.

Turn chaos into clarity

  • Improve team collaboration and stop working in silos.
  • Have a singular view of your disparate business data.
  • Avoid multiple data entry points and increase efficiency in your organisation
  • Seamless workflows and automation to drive success
  • Critical business views based on real-time dashboards and reports
  • Increase ROI by enabling your customers with self service portals and mobile apps

Why Octozy ?

Octozy offers flexible and scalable one-stop solution for diverse business verticals and domains.

  • Digital Transformation
    Highly customisable, and powerful software to drive end to end organisational digital transformation. Octozy empowers every business, big and small, and leads them towards a path of planned growth and sustenance.
  • Octozy Professional Services
    Having years of diverse SME domain knowledge, our professional services team help organisations realise their operational potential to achieve their goals and provide a competitive edge by being their trusted partner.
  • Progressive & Futuristic Product Model
    Octozy not only covers your business requirements for the now, but our continued investment into the product means we empower you with the advantage of using our continual feature & module upgrade road map. Our success is quite literally in your success.
  • Consolidated view of your business.
    Octozy Enterprise Management Application comes included with many modules to give your business an edge to consolidate disparate informational data sets to have a singular view of your operations.