Benefits of customizable ERPs

Customized ERP systems are designed with requisite features to cater to the requirement of every department of an organization that traverses best with the existing business processes. Customization does not have to be in every module of the ERP but in some selected modules, as required.


Given below are some important benefits of customizable ERP systems for businesses:


1. Use what you need

An out-of-the-box ERP software comes with many additional features, which are irrelevant for many organizations.  A custom-made ERP does not possess such unnecessary features thus helping to minimize the confusion among the employees. With customization, every department can view only the required modules for performing its operations.


2. New features; whenever required

The most important benefit of a custom-made ERP system is that new features can be added as and when required. Whereas in the case of a ready-made ERP, the organization cannot demand any additional feature unless the provider decides to add a new feature through any update. You never know when the new update is coming up. It is totally the provider’s call!


3. Cost effective

ERP software development is less expensive as compared to ready-made ERP software. This is because only the relevant modules are included in the software. Thus the development process takes place keeping in mind a fixed budget according to the features that are demanded in it.


4. Uniform business processes

The existing business processes of an organization play a key role while implementing an ERP system. With a Custom ERP, no changes are required in the actual Business Process. The entire solution is devised keeping in consideration the existing processes, which eases the implementation process besides making it comfortable for the employees to adjust to the new system.


5. Better results

Custom made ERP systems are more likely to deliver better results for an organization as all the requirements are well defined right from the development process. Thus, all the existing features and functionalities of the ERP could be put to their maximum usage.


6. Little to no bugs

In a custom made ERP, every feature is tested during the deployment phase. Hence, the chances of errors and bugs are considerably reduced. Fixing errors require additional expenditure on the part of the business coupled with an overhaul in business operations and processes.


7. Service support

Customers using custom-made ERP systems generally get more personalized support and assistance from their service providers as a dedicated team is constantly working to resolve all impending issues.


8. Customized user interface

Customizable ERP systems also allow for customized user interfaces for every department.

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