Rapid Platform

What is Octozy RAD platform for?

Go No-Code

Let anyone in your organization make their own automated processes

Automate business processes

Eliminate manual tasks, improve visibility and tracking for processes

Make apps fast

Use rapid application development software to get productive faster

Enable digital transformation

Get digital insights and analytics and connect processes across software

Create custom apps

Kissflow lets you create and edit your process applications in a snap

Go paperless

Digitize your forms and requests, eliminate errors, and access your data anywhere

What is Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform?

A RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform enables businesses to adopt a progressive and agile way of software development. Teams that use RAD platforms can design and launch software apps more quickly, make multiple iterations, and update features without restarting a development schedule.

Use RAD software to go from idea to app in minutes


Create your own form from scratch or use a readymade template.


Map out the workflow, assign tasks, set conditions, and make changes.


Deploy your process app on the Kissflow platform for your users.


Use our rapid application platform to adjust instantly.

Steps in Rapid Application Development

Define the requirements

At the very beginning, rapid application development sets itself apart from traditional software development models. It doesn’t require you to sit with end users and get a detailed list of specifications; instead, it asks for a broad requirement.


The construction stage is a crucial stage of development. Engineers and developers work tirelessly to flesh out a working system from a working model. Feedback and reviews are crucial at this stage and most bugs, issues, and alterations are addressed during this stage. This stage can be particularly long, especially in cases where clients change directions or feedback is intensive.


This is where the actual development takes place. Instead of following a rigid set of requirements, developers create prototypes with different features and functions as fast as they can. These prototypes are then shown to the clients who decide what they like and what they don’t.


The final stage of RAD involves deploying the built system into a live production environment. The deployment phase involves intensive scale testing, technical documentation, issue tracking, final customizations, and system simulation. Teams also spend time debugging the app and running final updates and maintenance tasks before going live.

Rapid Application Development Platform

Enable citizen developers to rapidly design workflows and manage business processes without IT resources.