Analytics & Business Insights

Octozy – Enterprise Business Application

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Analytics & Business Insights

Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics and Business Insights to set you up for success.
Smart visual cues, chatbots and critical business reporting to help take lightning fast informed decisions to stay ahead of the curve.


Flexible user driven dashboards, reports, charts and gauges. Powerful Data Visualization for end-users.

Data Analytics

Use Octozy reporting engine to analyze data, including external data in view only mode using built-in connectors.

Business Insights

Integrate with Corticon business rule engine and Enterprise-Grade Cognitive Chatbot

Powerful Data Visualisation

Octozy provides an unmatched solution by bringing powerful visualisation to the table. Useful information gathered by the AI in our system is transformed into reports with our business analytics which is then displayed to the end-user through visualisation tools.

Using dashboards, charts, reports and several other modern tools, our solution provides an advanced graphical representation. Just one glance can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

With Octozy’s AI and analytics solution, you will never have to sacrifice the accuracy or precision of your tasks no matter the time constraints.

Our solution is built to automatically refresh the data and repeat the analytical process so that you are always equipped with the latest insight.

Intelligent Solutions.

The incorporation of AI in Octozy’s solutions makes it highly creative and intelligent. It adapts to your business process and gives you the most desired outcomes. These capabilities are further complemented by our business analytics.

Combined with AI, Octozy business analytics allows you to explore the untapped reserves of data which can uncover better opportunities & help your business in making insightful decisions like a truly data-driven organisation.

Our AI and analytics bring the most critical data to the forefront and lets you make data-driven decisions for your organisation ensuring a successful outcome. These decisions are encouraged through detailed metrics including the hidden information leading to a revenue-oriented approach.

Turn chaos into clarity

  • Improve team collaboration and stop working in silos.
  • Have a singular view of your disparate business data.
  • Avoid multiple data entry points and increase efficiency in your organisation
  • Seamless workflows and automation to drive success
  • Critical business views based on real-time dashboards and reports
  • Increase ROI by enabling your customers with self service portals and mobile apps

Why Octozy ?

Octozy offers flexible and scalable one-stop solution for diverse business verticals and domains.

  • Digital Transformation
    Highly customisable, and powerful software to drive end to end organisational digital transformation. Octozy empowers every business, big and small, and leads them towards a path of planned growth and sustenance.
  • Octozy Professional Services
    Having years of diverse SME domain knowledge, our professional services team help organisations realise their operational potential to achieve their goals and provide a competitive edge by being their trusted partner.
  • Progressive & Futuristic Product Model
    Octozy not only covers your business requirements for the now, but our continued investment into the product means we empower you with the advantage of using our continual feature & module upgrade road map. Our success is quite literally in your success.
  • Consolidated view of your business.
    Octozy Enterprise Management Application comes included with many modules to give your business an edge to consolidate disparate informational data sets to have a singular view of your operations.